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We now offering Shipping on a variety of items.

All Shipping rates starts off at $10.  Below are just some of the items that are easy and convenient to ship.  Don't let this list limit you it just gives you an example of some of the things we have to offer. If you have any questions on any items and meals please don't hesitate to contact us!


                                                     Egg Rolls

                       All Pies come Frozen and with cooking instructions.


Jerk Chicken Egg Rolls                 Full dozen $30


Crab Egg Rolls                              Full Dozen $40


El Presidente’                               Full Dozen $60 (Lobster, Crab and Shrimp)


Cheese Steak Egg Rolls                Full Dozen $30 (Beef or Chicken)


Lamb Egg Rolls                            Full Dozen $40  


Curried Shrimp/Curried Crab Spring rolls   Full Dozen $40


Surf and Turn Egg Rolls               Full Dozen $45 (Beef or Chicken w/ Shrimp) + Lobster instead of shrimp +$26


Veggie Egg Rolls                          Full Dozen $28


                           Crab Pies

                                                    Personal Size 6 inches / Lg 9 inches

                                   All Pies come Frozen and with cooking instructions.



Personal Crab & Shrimp  $16.50


With Lobster  + $13.50


Lg Crab & Shrimp $57.50


Lg Lobster, Crab & Shrimp $68 .50



Peach Apricot 


Sanbal Aioli 


                    These sauces pair well with our egg rolls. They go for $7 for 16oz and $14 for 32oz.

                                                      Bottled Sauces

                                                        Honey Hot sauce $6 (5oz) 

                                                        Honey BBQ $7 (12oz)  | $20 (32oz)

                                                       Honey BBQ Jerk $7 (12oz) | $20 (32oz)

                                                       Sambal Aioli $6 (12oz) | $20 (32oz)















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