the takeover

Just a small town girl with worldwide domination ambitions...

Cooking at the age of 8 Shea Broomer never envisioned that Culinary would be where her passion lie. She comes from a host of family members that are awesome cooks from her grand, great grandparents, and parents. Along with watching them she adamantly watched Julia Child on PBS and some of the Food Networks greats such as Ina Garten, and Bobby Flay.  This gave her a gate way to see what the world of food had to offer.  She started recreating classic dishes and putting her own spin on it.  With starting off selling BBQ Hot dogs, sausages and burgers in front of her house she moved onto selling platters out of her home. 


Having multiple customer service job position and having had started her own marketing, management, artist development, and promotions company “TKO Entertainment.”   With all that she had going on she just seemed unfulfilled.  She decided to take catering seriously in 2013 and “TKO Tasty Creations” was born.  She started catering luncheons for her coworkers and still selling platters on the side.  Summer of 2016 she stepped out on faith and walked away from her Customer service bank job to pursue her catering full time and enrolled and currently attending the Philadelphia Art Institute.  TKO Tasty Creations continues to blossom and grow stay tuned for what’s next.

"Go  hard or not at all"

               ~Mz TKO